Since 2004, we have been providing comprehensive intelligence, analysis, and software solutions for the most prominent pharmaceutical companies in the world.

We are committed to helping dedicated professionals build or expand a career on their own terms. Our team is comprised of proactive industry experts who thrive working remotely and excel in a self-guided environment. Our distinctive work model allows us to tap into a talented pool of professionals, regardless of location, who are interested in flextime, part-time, or full-time schedules.






The Americas, worldwide

United States


Meet the Executive team here at Larvol

  • Bruno Larvol

    Founder, CEO

  • Aviva Fridman, Ph.D.

    VP of Sales & Customer Experience

  • Mark Gramling

    Director, Oncology

  • Sweta Agrawal

    Director, Operations

  • Sreedhar Reddy

    Director, Product Strategy

  • Melissa Sherman

    VP of Human Resources